The following are the members of the Board of Trustees for YogaKshema Rehabilitation & Wellness Center.

Sri. P.V. Maiya

Sri P.V. Maiya is the President of YogaKshema Rehabilitation & Wellness Center Trust.

P.V. Maiya is basically a banker by profession. He has served the State bank of India for 32 years, including a four year assignment in USA and Canada. He distinguished himself in all his assignments. He wrote articles related to banking which were published in leading business dailies. He was a regular speaker and trainer on banking subjects. In 1993, the then ICICI invited him to start the ICICI Bank which he set up in 1994 as the first Chairman & Managing Director. The bank was the first to introduce internet banking facility in India during his term of office. The Bank now is the largest private sector Bank. On his retirement in 1998, he was invited to set up the second depository, namely, Central Depository System Ltd.  A year later he decided to quit the full time job.

Maiya moved to Bangalore in 2002. Post his retirement, he was appointed by the Govt. of India as Director on the Board of Directors of Indian bank which then was considered a weak Bank. Since 2006, he has been an Independent Director on the Board of Canara Bank till July 2013. He now retains three Directorship, namely Brigade Enterprises Ltd Bangalore, Neuland Laboratories Ltd Hyderabad, and Ocean Sparkles Pvt ltd, Hyderabad.

Maiya is a Trustee of a school, and the President of Indian Musical Experience Centre which is in the process of bringing up a world class musical experiential centre in Bangalore. This will hopefully be the fifth such centre in the world. He is interested in a wide variety of subjects and is spiritually inclined.


Dr. Usha Vasthare

Dr. Usha Vashtare is the Co-founder of YogaKshema Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in 2007. She is a Neuroscientist, teacher, writer, and social worker.

She completed her B.Sc with rank and gold medal from Bangalore University, M.Sc with rank from Bangalore University, and PhD in Zoology/Physiology from Mysore University. Her Ph.D thesis was nominated for President’s award.

She was a faculty at Temple University School of Medicine for 17 years. Subsequently she worked as Clinical Project coordinator, Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder, Pennsylvania Hospital, which honored her with Service Excellence Award.

Dr. Usha has contributed to 5 books which were used as part of CME (Continuing Medical Education) course. She has published more than 70 research papers & abstracts in reputed journals. She was academic Research Advisor for MDs, Post Doctoral Fellows, PhDs & Masters students, and has been trained in hospice care for terminally ill.

She has presented papers in many international conferences and has been interviewed on several TV channels in India and radio channels in India and USA.

She is involved in extensive service projects both in India and USA for over 10 years and is associated with several organisations and institutes.

Dr. Usha Vasthare has facilitated over 400 support group meetings at YogaKshema and conducted several workshops on Mind Training, Mindful Living, Healthy Living, Overcoming Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs), Forgiveness, Improving interpersonal relationships, Depression, Stress Management and various other topics. Her interest is in bringing the latest research in the field of Neuroscience & Evolutionary biology to the doorsteps of common people. She is an avid reader of Scientific & Spiritual literature.  Her interest is to bring Science & Spirituality together for Holistic Living.


Mr. Nirmal Kumar

Mr. Nirmal Kumar is the Treasurer of YogaKshema. He was the former DGM of State Bank of India.


Mr. Praveen Shivashankar

Praveen is currently pursuing MBA at Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He was a Senior Product Consultant at Daon Inc., in the field of Biometrics. He has worked on one of the most ambitious projects of India – AADHAAR, an effort to provide a unique identity for the citizens of India, based on their biometric characteristics.  Praveen holds an M.S degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Wireless Communication & Signal Processing from Wichita State University, Kansas USA.

Praveen has been associated with YogaKshema Rehabilitation & Wellness Center since its inception and is also currently the Chairman of the Development Committee of YogaKshema in India.  He has been involved in community service since his school days and actively involved even during his Masters in USA.  He was associated with Trees for Life during his studies at USA.

Apart from community service, his other interests include writing, painting, traveling, reading, music, and many others.  He has also contributed through his articles, and stories to 4 books published under various auspices and publications, while his poems and stories have also been published in magazines both in US and India. He was also freelancing as a journalist, writing articles on culture and music for The Hindu, a renowned daily newspaper of India.  The 12th Century Vachana literature of Karnataka is his other interest and Praveen has also started giving talks about Vachana literature, including the 16th Century work – “Shoonya Sampaadane“.


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