About Us

YogaKshema is an organization dedicated to the cause of improving the Quality of Life of people in the community. This not only includes the general population at large, but also specifically those who are survivors of chronic illnesses and their caregivers too.

Need For YogaKshema

Medical treatment is the first step in the right direction of wellness, for the chronically ill. Management of associated conditions that the patient may face can largely be addressed by the current medical system. Yet clinical medicine and the existing rehabilitation processes cannot completely address all issues that result from both physical and emotional pain. Also, the caregivers’ needs are typically left out of the process though they too are intensely affected while caring for their relative.

Chronic conditions need long term adaptation that focuses on coping. YogaKshema offers a supportive environment where patients and caregivers can acquire coping skills for learning to live with limits by creating positive attitudes in their physical and mental states. Caregivers are included in every step of the process. Research shows that support group meetings, patient-targeted educational seminars and various supportive therapies play a key role in improving the conditions of the patients. These are routinely being offered in hospitals throughout the United States and Europe.

YogaKshema has discovered a lacuna in the community for such a systematized education and wellness program that complements the excellent medical treatment already available and aims to fill it to the best possible extent.

The Rehab programs of YogaKshema address the needs of the caregivers and the survivors of chronic illnesses at 3 levels:

Emotional &

Apart from rehab activities, YogaKshema conducts several wellness programs for the benefit of people looking to make lifestyle changes and improve their quality of life. We also do many educational workshops to create awareness about health issues, Mind, Automatic Negative Thoughts and healthy living practices. These workshops are based on the most current neuroscientific research being done in the medical community. Several of these findings are explained in very simple manner, making them accessible to people from all walks of society.  These workshops are customized for the needs and requirements of participants ranging from students to homemakers, young professionals to retired senior-citizens.

We also partner with various other organizations that are dedicated to the cause of contributing to the betterment of society.  More information on our activities and partnerships can be found in the relevant sections on this website.

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