Neuro-Sculptor Series

The Neuro-Sculptor series is a unique program launched by YogaKshema in the month of July 2013.  This series has 9 topics of prime importance to our everyday life which form the core theme for the Support Group Meetings.  These concepts help the individuals to chisel away several unwanted aspects of their personality through concentrated efforts involving their thoughts, mind and brain.

In a supportive and non-judgmental environment provided by the Support Group Meetings, the participants are able to concretize their plans for improvement and discuss the challenges faced in the implementation of their resolutions. The topics covered in the Neuro-Sculptor series are as follows (Brief one-pager information about the topics can be downloaded by clicking on the topic names):

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Depression
  3. The Art & Science of Healthy Living
  4. Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
  5. Understanding Our Mind
  6. Interpersonal Relationships
  7. Stress Management
  8. Menopause (Women’s Health)
  9. Values

Currently these support group meetings are being held at 3 locations in Bangalore:

  1. PES College, Hanumanthanagar
  2. Pranava Yoga Kendra, Hanumanthanagar
  3. Sai Kuteer (YogaKshema Activity Center), Banashankari 2nd Stage
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