YogaKshema conducts several workshops that are aimed at bringing the current research findings in the field of Neuroscience to the doorsteps of common man.  The key concept that we emphasize in our workshops is the ability to “Neurosculpt” ourselves into better individuals. The fact that each of us have the potential to be our own neurosculptors has to be honed in every individual. Neurosculpting is a process of chipping away many unwanted aspects of personality by utilizing the potential of our brain and mind.

The workshops conducted by YogaKshema enable the participants to understand the relationship between mind, body & behavior.  They provide a user’s manual to understand our brain and its functioning. The nature of our thoughts and their intimate connection with our body & behavior is explained through various concepts such as Automatic Negative Thoughts, Neuroplasticity, Cognitive Behavior Training, Mindfulness, etc.

Some of the features of our workshops are outlined below:

  • The workshops are based on the most current and pathbreaking discoveries in the field of Neuroscience.
  • The workshops are conducted for a wide range of demography which includes students, professionals from various career streams, homemakers and senior citizens.
  • The workshops are conducted both in English and Kannada languages.
  • The workshops are customized based on the participants and their requirements.
  • They are suited to not only general population but also for specific groups such as survivors of chronic illnesses and their caregivers.

For more information on the workshops and the topics in each of these, please click on the relevant subsections.

Click here for information on Rehabilitation workshops.

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