Support Groups

YogaKshema uses the novel method of Support Group Meetings for providing continued support for the participants of its various workshops and programs. This method is based on the recommendations by the “National Stroke Association” (NSA) in USA.

Group support is believed to be a powerful rehabilitative tool. The purpose of support groups is to enrich the lives of the participants through the use of moderately structured group encouragement and support. This design offers a mix of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation. It promotes self-direction and self-determination by encouraging the participants to share their experiences and thoughts in a facilitated and structured manner and thus creating opportunities for mutual education and emotional comfort. This non-judgmental, shared learning environment fosters in the participants mind a feeling of not being lonely in their times of struggle, which goes a long way in providing them the strength and mettle needed to face the challenge in their lives and improve their Quality of Life.

The Support Group Meetings are conducted for a wide range of participants – though primarily women (especially homemakers) have been our highest represented demographic.  Professionals, retirees, senior citizens, survivors of chronic illnesses, caregivers have all been in the spectrum of the groups that attend the support group meetings.

To know about the on-going support group meetings sessions and forth coming support group meetings, please visit the Events page.

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