YogaKshema has been publishing regular updates about the organization for the benefit of its supporters and contributors.  The reports/updates published so far are available below for perusal by interested patrons of the organization.

Annual Reports:  YogaKshema Publishes Annual Reports on its activities that were carried out during the year.  Below are the Annual Reports for some of the years till date.

Annual_Report – 2008   First Half_Yearly_Report_Nov2011-May2012

Second Half_Yearly_Report_Jul2012-Dec2012   


Kshema Samachara:  With an eye for updating our supporters with regular information about the activities of the center, a monthly newsletter was designed titled “Kshema Samachara” in the year 2009.  However, due to the increasing level of activities, it was extremely difficult to maintain the regularity of this feature. We are hopeful that in the near future this shall be revived with altered publication features. The previously published editions are provided below.

Kshema Samachara – Jan2009       
Kshema Samachara – Feb2009

Kshema Samachara – Mar2009                 

Kshema Samachara – Apr_May2009

Kshema Samachara – June_July2009       

Kshema Samachara – Aug_Sep2009

YogaKshema is very happy to let you all know that our newsletter has been renewed. Thanks to the newly constituted Editorial team, the newsletter will now be a regular feature. We aim to publish the newsletter in quarterly editions.  Please find the newsletters in their new avatar below!

Kshema Samachara – June2014                    

Kshema Samachara – Sep2014

March-June 2015                                             
KshemaSamachar June 2015

Kshema Samachar December 2014               

Kshema Samachar March 2015

Kshema Samachar September 2014             

6 KshemaSamachar July-Oct 2015

7 KshemaSamachar Jan 2016                       

8 KshemaSamachar April 2016

9 KshemaSamachar July 2016                        

10 KshemaSamachar October 2016

11 KshemaSamachar January 2017             

12 KshemaSamachar April 2017

13 KshemaSamachar August 2017

14 KshemaSamachar October 2017

15 KshemaSamachar Feb 2018

16 KshemaSamachar May 2018

17 KshemaSamachar Aug 2018

18 KshemaSamachar Dec 2018





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