Child Education

YogaKshema has been working with children for over 5 years now.  “Catch ’em young” is what we believe in. The importance of developing healthy habits, mindful behavior and a holistic lifestyle from a young age is quite evident.  But the question still remains whether our education system is addressing these factors effectively.  It is in this regard that YogaKshema has been involved at various levels of Child Education.

Awareness Talk at Government School for Girls

We are working with schools – students, teachers, administrators and even the Government in order to introduce value based education in the curriculum based on the NCERT guidelines.  We have developed workshops and also conduct talks on Mindful learning & Mindful teaching methodologies.

Based on the latest neuroscientific discoveries, educational awareness talks are also conducted for the benefit of various students.  We have worked with several Government schools in and around Bangalore district to create an awareness among the students about their brain, and its potential. Schools, teachers and parents interested to learn more are welcome to contact us.

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